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What It Means To Be The Last One In The Office Every Night

What It Means To Be The Last One In The Office Every Night

High-paying, prestigious jobs are not known for their forgiving schedules. These aren’t 40 hours a week. They aren’t even 50. To be considered the top of your field or the top of your company, an employee normally has to put in some drastic overtime. For some of the most career-minded and ambitious among us, this desire to be taken seriously leads to quite a battle. A battle to be last. More »

6 NFL-Inspired Ways To Boost Your Competitive Spirit

6 NFL-Inspired Ways To Boost Your Competitive Spirit

The first weekend in February is here and it’s time to pull out the nachos and buffalo wings. Superbowl weekend is upon us. And to get in the pigskin spirit, we’re discussing the many ways that football relates to your daily grind. After all, it’s teams of player who have each perform their position to the best of their ability to achieve the corporations goals. And this weekend, either the Patriots or the Giants will achieve the ultimate goal.

We’ve already discussed the management lessons we can take away from Bill Belichick and Tom Coughlin, the coaches who will be leading this weekend’s teams. But how can all us of steal a little inspiration from the game to boost our competitive spirit and ambition? More »

Bad Boss: When Managers Are Threatened By Their Talented Employees

Bad Boss: When Managers Are Threatened By Their Talented Employees

Management is such a thankless job. Few people understand or appreciate the work that does in to successfully directing and motivating disparate groups of people to achieve one large-scale goal. When talking to business professionals about their managers, the most common statement I hear is, “I just have no idea what they actually do.” This lack of understanding can lead to a tense office and if you combine that with a boss whose insecure in their position, sometimes there’s just no way to win. More »

The Afternoon Grind: Don’t Let Your Job Take Over

The Afternoon Grind: Don't Let Your Job Take Over

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How Losing Could Help You Win At Work

How Losing Could Help You Win At Work

Whether you’re running a race or trying to beat a coworker in quarterly sales, the feeling of being barely in second place is a powerful motivation to sprint into first. Now, a marketing professor named Jonah Berger has quantified that underdog effect, and found that indeed, being slightly behind in a competition near the end actually makes you more likely to win. More »

‘Monday Night Football’ Proves That Competitors Can Still Support Each Other

'Monday Night Football' Proves That Competitors Can Still Support Each Other

It’s not very often that a football game brings me to tears, unless of course we’re talking about the Colts performance this season. But in all seriousness, last night’s game had one of the most touching moments I’ve seen on a football field. As the Indianapolis Colts were playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, defensive tackle Eric Foster suffered a serious and gruesome injury near the end of the second quarter. Although no one knew it at the time, Foster’s ankle had been dislocated when it got caught under a teammate. The only thing the players knew was that a man had just been seriously injured.

In a move that should inspire all of us, each and every player on that field, whether teammate or competitor, was visibly distraught to watch another player go through something so awful. No one cared about the score or the next play. I wonder how many business people would do the same? Would we take a knee and support a fallen competitor or would we jump on their weakness and call it a smart business move? More »

Co-Worker Conundrum: Everyone’s A Little Bit Selfish Sometimes

Co-Worker Conundrum: Everyone's A Little Bit Selfish Sometimes

Offices can be a little tricky. We spend so much time with our co-workers, it’s easy to form friendships and attachments. In fact, those relationships often help us get through long and frustrating days. At the same time, in a business setting, it’s every employee for themselves. Those you work with closely are often your direct competition for promotions and key assignments.

Because of this conflict of interests, it can be difficult to discuss work problems with even your friendliest co-workers. In the end, we all have to look out for number one, right? More »