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Put A Ring On It: Can An Engagement Ring Impact Your Career?

Put A Ring On It: Can An Engagement Ring Impact Your Career?

Today is Valentine’s Day, the official day of love. And if you’re anything like me you probably have a few friends who just got engaged and you are already figuring out how you are going to make to six weddings in three months time. Plus, I recently just watched Lord of the Rings. Basically, rings have been on my mind. Specifically how rings impact women when they go on job interviews. It seems silly. Why should a little accessory impact your potential as a candidate for a job? Well, it shouldn’t but as we know an engagement rings represent a lot more than a necklace or pair of earrings. More »

Speed Dating And Interviewing: How To Find “The One”

Speed Dating And Interviewing: How To Find âThe Oneâ

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, finding “The One” is on the minds of many. Flowers, candy, hearts, and presents galore — even the most anti-romantic individual may be feeling a twinge of love in the air. But finding “The One” isn’t just something of interest to those actively dating — it’s also a difficulty faced for many companies looking to hire top talent. More »

How To Date A Career Woman

How To Date A Career Woman

Since Valentine’s Day is here, we thought we would give you a little dating advice based on a recent Men’s Health column called “How to Date a Crazy-Busy Woman.” The article was based on a new survey from It’s Just Lunch, a personalized dating service for busy professionals. According to this new data, women are SUPER BUSY AND STUFF. They are so busy they sometimes have to cancel dates! But if you do manage to nab one of these busy ladies, here’s how to play it. We paraphrased a bit, because we’re SO BUSY and ON THE GO. More »

It’s A Date. (Or Is It?)

Itâs A Date. (Or Is It?)

The message came through LinkedIn. “I’ll be in New York again shortly,” it said, “and wanted to know if you want to grab a drink.”

I’m bad with names. His company vaguely rang a bell. We weren’t Facebook friends. “I’m sorry if this sounds bad,” I wrote back. “But how do I know you?” He explained that we’d met at an event a few years back. “We had a back and forth going on,” he said. More »

‘I Blame My Career For Not Having A Boyfriend’

'I Blame My Career For Not Having A Boyfriend'

On the new show Political Animals actress Carla Gugino plays top political reporter Susan Berg (think a younger and more serious Maureen Dowd.) She is a woman that has always put her career first. Before family, before men, before any sort of personal life. On a recent episode she even admitted that her life was divided into three playlists: deadline, treadmill and insomnia. She did recently have a boyfriend on the show (who was her editor) but she didn’t put any time into the relationship (actually he said that) which is probably why he slept with her coworker (not that that is a good excuse.) She tells the son of the Secretary of State after a few glasses of wine as they fly to California to cover a story about how she has always been certain about her career but never about love. They talk about how she has never lowered her standards in her career and maybe in her relationships too. “There is a flip side no one tells you about. You wake up one day and you realize that while you were busy being brazen and making a name for yourself everyone made a life. And then you’re not uncompromising, you’re just sad.” But can you really blame your career for a non-existent dating life? We talked to some women about this. More »