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Company Culture: 5 Big “Little” Things To Consider When Interviewing

Company Culture: 5 Big âLittleâ Things To Consider When Interviewing

When thinking about career and job decisions, we know it’s important to factor in company culture. Companies and candidates are finally beginning to realize just how important culture can be. Culture is the approach to work, the mission of the company, the way people behave, and much more.

Of course, I completely believe that all those things are incredibly important. What I also believe is that even the little things can make a big impact. More »

Burger King Pays Out To Woman Fired For Wearing A Skirt

Burger King Pays Out To Woman Fired For Wearing A Skirt

Burger King’s employee dress code includes pants, so when 17-year-old Ashanti McShan interviewed for a job as a cashier, she made sure to ask if she could wear a skirt instead. McShan’s Pentecostal religion only allowed her to wear skirts and dresses. At the interview, McShan was assured that she could wear a skirt instead, but when she arrived at work for orientation, a manager insisted that she had to leave. Now Burger King is paying up for its refusal to accommodate her religion. More »

9 Ways To Prevent An Office Culture Clash

9 Ways To Prevent An Office Culture Clash

A few weeks ago we wrote about shoes you probably shouldn’t wear in most offices. One commenter said that many of these shoes Grindstone contributor Kelsey Ehlert listed would be perfectly acceptable in her L.A. office. But she said, “Maybe LA is just less stuffy than the rest of the country…I may or may not be screwed when I move to NYC.” This woman is speaking of the potential office culture clash that translates into a very rough transition for new employees. Whether it is moving from a huge corporation to a tiny startup or from North Carolina to South Carolina, you are inevitably going to have to deal with adapting to a whole new kind of environment. We talked to some experts about the best way to integrate yourself into a new office to prevent a major culture clash.
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‘I Was Sent Home From Work Because Of My Outfit’

'I Was Sent Home From Work Because Of My Outfit'

Dress codes in the office have changed a lot over the years. Historians say it was in the 1960s that the rules for what to wear began to disintegrate. But there are still some employers that are very set in their ways and always expect a certain uniform in the workplace which not everyone is aware of or wants to believe, especially when it is 85 degrees outside. Can you imagine being sent home from work on a hot summer day because you weren’t wearing pantyhose? Well, this has actually happened. We talked to some people who were sent from work because of their outfit. More »