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Bullish Q&A: Teaching The Teachers

Bullish Q&A: Teaching The Teachers

I am an avid reader of your column on The Gloss and The Grindstone for quite some time now, but never before had I been in direct need of your advice. Here it is: you have mentioned several times in your columns that you are a tutor in a lot of subjects. I have just started tutoring students myself. It’s maybe not really the same situation: I am employed by the teacher of a class that I have taken three years ago, to supervise the exercises part of the course. I have 24 students, engineering freshmen, at once, for one hour twice a week.

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Time Magazine’s Person Of The Year Runner-Up Is A 15-Year-Old Girl

Time Magazineâs Person Of The Year Runner-Up Is A 15-Year-Old Girl

Time magazine named its Person of the Year this morning and the winner is … President Barack Obama. Well, OK. A little predictable, but that probably means it’s the right choice, because unfortunately most of the world’s top world-changers also happen to be famous already. Anyway! The more interesting People of the Year are to be found on the magazine’s short list of runners up, which includes Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old girl whose bravery really is changing the world. More »