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The Insider: Elizabeth Denny

The Insider: Elizabeth Denny

Elizabeth Denny owns an art gallery—and a super-rad one at that. If you’re not already convinced that she’s impossibly cool, then you will be by the end of this Q&A. Oh, and you’ll definitely want to check out Denny Gallery—and shake the girl’s hand—stat. More »

How I Jumped Off A Career Cliff, And Landed As An Entrepreneur

How I Jumped Off A Career Cliff, And Landed As An Entrepreneur

A few months ago I jumped off a cliff.

That’s how everyone describes it and it’s absolutely true. The day I put in my notice to leave my full-time, well-paying job to start my own company, I was both terrified and excited; I was confident, except when my heart would start pounding and my inner voice would start screaming at me, “Are you CRAZY?! What on Earth do you think you are doing?” Reactions from friends and family were mixed. My family remains skeptical, while some friends and acquaintances told me they were inspired and impressed by the fact I was able to take such a step. Others simply smiled and said, “Oh, that’s so interesting. I hope everything works out.” More »

Bullish Q&A: What’s More Important When You’re In College, An Honors Thesis Or A Job?

Bullish Q&A: Whatâs More Important When Youâre In College, An Honors Thesis Or A Job?

Question from a college senior: I am considering dropping an undergrad honors thesis in order to work a full-time employment (along with classes) in my last semester. Am I screwing over future-me by not finishing the thesis? I have no PhD plans.

Hi there!

No, I don’t think you’re harming yourself at all. I didn’t do an undergrad honors thesis. I was a philosophy major, and in philosophy, there’s no point in getting a masters unless it’s a bump on the way to a PhD and you want philosophy to be your entire life. More »

‘I’m Working On Christmas Day’: 7 True Stories

âIâm Working On Christmas Dayâ: 7 True Stories

It’s Christmas Day, and no matter your own religion or lack thereof, you almost certainly have the day off work. The post office is closed, the stock market is closed, the mall is closed. But that doesn’t mean everyone is off work today. Many McDonald’s restaurants will be open, for one. And plenty of white-collar workers will be using the day to get a leg up on the competition while you and I sit around in pajamas with family. Here are 7 real-life Bob Cratchits who are toiling away today, accompanied by photos of the Christmas movies they’re missing out on watching. More »