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Why the Hell Should We Care If Female News Anchors Want To Go Sleeveless?

Why the Hell Should We Care If Female News Anchors Want To Go Sleeveless?

Over at Slate Libby Copeland made a fuss about female news anchors wearing no sleeves on camera. She said that for some notable anchors like Mika Brzezinski, Gretchen Carlson, Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford (I guess we can call them news anchors?) sleeveless dresses and tops could even be called defining characteristics for them. Yes, female anchors are less covered up than they were even 20 years ago (she mentioned that in her first few years at Today Katie Couric wore turtlenecks under blazers) but why the hell do we care? More »

Here’s Jon Stewart’s Brutal Takedown Of MSNBC And Fox News’ Inauguration Coverage

Here's Jon Stewart's Brutal Takedown Of MSNBC And Fox News' Inauguration Coverage

The second day of Daily Show host’s Jon Stewart‘s inauguration coverage took a brutal look at how MSNBCFox News and CNN covered Monday’s events.

How did MSNBC cover the event? By remaking about its “massive crowd.” Fox, on the other hand, noted a “much smaller crowd than four years ago.” CNN, meanwhile, was too preoccupied with Michelle Obama‘s dress to notice. More »

Fox News Powerhouse Megyn Kelly Rejects The Notion That Women Can’t Have It All

Fox News Powerhouse Megyn Kelly Rejects The Notion That Women Can't Have It All

Fox News anchor and rising star of the network (she just co-anchored the RNC convention), Megyn Kelly appears to have it all and she believes you can. The mother of two young children has a fabulous job and is a great multitasker (she reads the news during the kid’s 6am playtime before heading to work) but her husband says she feels working mom guilt just like everyone else. “I reject the notion that you can’t have it all. I think you can: just not necessarily in abundance,” she told People Magazine. More »

‘Obama Girl’ Returns, With A Twist

'Obama Girl' Returns, With A Twist

Remember “Obama Girl”? During the 2008 presidential election, “Crush on Obama” became one of the biggest viral video hits of all time. The video mostly consisted of the modelesque “Obama Girl” lip-synching to a song about her crush on Barack Obama while writhing in tiny tank top next to an Obama cut-out. Hey, these were simpler times. Now, Obama Girl is back — but this time the video’s writer and off-screen singer is putting herself in the spotlight. (Video after the jump!) More »

Why Gretchen Carlson Has To Play Dumb To Succeed

Why Gretchen Carlson Has To Play Dumb To Succeed

Today’s New York Times includes a profile of the wildly popular and infuriating Fox News show Fox & Friends. It’s impossible to read the story and not feel sorry for co-host Gretchen Carlson, a Stanford-educated woman who seems forced into playing dumb in order to fit in on a show that includes visits from Hooters waitresses and Victoria’s Secret models. Will the real Gretchen Carlson please step up? More »

Video: Gretchen Carlson Storms Off The Set Of ‘Fox & Friends’

Video: Gretchen Carlson Storms Off The Set Of âFox & Friendsâ

Stop the presses: This morning on the chatty Fox News show “Fox & Friends,” co-host Brian Kilmeade made an obnoxiously sexist comment. I know it’s shocking, coming from the man who said he thinks sexism doesn’t exist. (His proof: “I look at women and say, ‘Hey! Hey equal!’”). When Kilmeade made a “joke” this morning about how women are “allowed” to play golf and tennis these days, and “it’s out of control,” his co-host Gretchen Carlson had had enough. She stood up and walked off the set, leaving Kilmeade to read the news himself. His classy response: “Eh, she needed a shower.” More »

‘Fox Mole’ Caught; Revealed To Be Bridge-Burning Numbskull

'Fox Mole' Caught; Revealed To Be Bridge-Burning Numbskull

Way back on Tuesday afternoon, the first appearance of “Fox mole” sent news and media junkies into spasms of glee. The instantly popular column appeared on Gawker, which described their new anonymous writer as “a long-standing, current employee of Fox News Channel who will be providing Gawker with regular dispatches from inside the organization.” The mole wrote that he was still working for Fox, but wanted to go out with a bang by revealing secrets from inside the company for as long as he could. Oooh, what would he reveal? Steve Doocy‘s no-brown-M&M contract? A manual explaining how to use footage of prison riots as B-roll during segments on Occupy Wall Street? A “Reagan Friday” dress code?

Alas, he barely had a chance to get started: Fox caught the mole about 24 hours later. So where does the “Fox mole,” who we now know as Joe Muto, go from here? And what on earth was he thinking? More »