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How To Do Your Taxes If You’re A Freelancer

How To Do Your Taxes If Youâre A Freelancer

You’re free! Free to sleep in until 11 a.m., free to work while your adorable toddler plays at your feet, free to … keep really good records of all your expenses for your taxes.

We know. Not so fun. The reality is, being self-employed can be awesome for 11 months out of the year, and then come crashing down on your head in the form of lost receipts and unpaid estimated taxes in April. We want to save you from that sinking feeling. Read on for what every freelancer needs to know for your taxes. More »

The Most Insulting Writing Job Ever Offers Less Than 1 Cent A Word

The Most Insulting Writing Job Ever Offers Less Than 1 Cent A Word

I’ve been a full-time freelance writer for about a year now, so I’m well aware that most writing jobs are more Honda than Mercedes. But I will still shocked to see this item on Gawker about a company in Portland, Oregon, offering to pay freelancers between “.009 and .02 per word.” Cord Jefferson does the math and finds that a Portland resident hoping to make a living wage would have to write more than 1,000 words an hour to make it work. That is a LOT of words. More »

Working From Home Makes Me Feel Like I’m Getting Away With Something

Working From Home Makes Me Feel Like Iâm Getting Away With Something

Last summer, I moved from New York City to rural New England. In a change that was almost as dramatic, I went from working full-time in an office to full-time freelancing from home. I was terrified: Would I make enough money? Would the solitude drive me crazy? Was I organized enough to pull it off? Would I be bored, distracted, or lose all my connections? My fear was fueled by the internet, which bursts with terrifying work-from-home tales:

Working from home isn’t easy.”
I absolutely hate working from home.”
Working from home is a hell of a job.”
Working at Home Stressful for Many Women.”

More than six months in to this experiment, however, I’m calling it: Working from home is the sweetest deal around, and anyone who says otherwise is either crazy or a chronic complainer. More »