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Pippa Is Taking Kate Middleton PR Lessons

Pippa Is Taking Kate Middleton PR Lessons

After Pippa Middleton had a bit of a rough spring media wise, Kate Middleton is giving her young sister some PR tips when it comes to working her new party planning book in the U.S. And apparently Kate isn’t the only one. Pippa Middleton is also said to have agreed to allow Palace officials to guide and “advise” her on future boyfriends and her public persona. Basically Pippa is taking lessons on how to be more like Kate Middleton.
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Kate Middleton And Her Wedding Dress Are The Royal Family’s Greatest Asset

Kate Middleton And Her Wedding Dress Are The Royal Family's Greatest Asset

The numbers are in and not that we needed them, but they prove that Kate Middleton is the greatest thing to ever happen to the Royal Family. She only wore it once but her wedding dress will continue to bring in money for the Royal Family and admiration for many lifetimes. In what were described by officials as ‘unprecedented numbers’, an amazing 626,000 members of the public poured through the palace doors to see the Duchess of Cambridge‘s stunning Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen bridal gown. The dress has made £10 million in ticket sales as the star attraction of a Buckingham Palace exhibition. And yesterday’s Royal Family figures only further prove that Kate is the family’s greatest asset.
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Kate Middleton’s Modest Clothing Budget Makes Her Even More Appealing

Kate Middleton's Modest Clothing Budget Makes Her Even More Appealing

The budget for the first half of this year for Kate Middleton’s wardrobe was released to the public this week and at $54,000 the numbers are really quite modest, considering she is one of the most photographed people in the world. Kate’s fashion attitude and spending is all part of a strategy that makes ‘The Kate Middleton factor’ even more appealing. More »

Kate Middleton’s Stripper Cousin Is Trying To Get In On ‘The Kate Effect.’

Kate Middleton's Stripper Cousin Is Trying To Get In On 'The Kate Effect.'

Why should Kate Middleton get to have all the fun? Katrina Darling, a distant cousin of Kate’s, is trying to capitalize on the fame of her royal cousin. Last year Katrina was discovered to be a burlesque dancer in addition to her job as a portfolios analyst at Barclays and with her royal connections she became quite a sight to see. So now, in order to capitalize on this small connection to the ‘Kate Middleton Effect’, she has decided to quit the sensible banking job and pursue the dancing career full time. But don’t worry, she also has a reality show and a clothing line in development, according to The New York Post.
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The ‘Kate Middleton Fashion Effect’ Is A Machine

The 'Kate Middleton Fashion Effect' Is A Machine

The ‘Kate Middleton fashion effect’ has done it again. She has boosted sales for dresses, hats and pantyhose and now she has hit the biggest spring trend: bright colored skinny jeans. On a trip to the Olympic Park in the UKthis week she sported a pair of coral colored skinny pants. Sales of the bright-hue denim increased 88% in a matter of hours.  Even though she was wearing a pair of JBrand jeans, her outfit prompted sales of  jeans at the brand Asda to soar and George, another brand,  has seen a massive uplift of 471% in sales of their colored denim range as other celebrities are spotted sporting the bright denim trend this season. ”Wearing bright colours lifts us all and now we have the royal seal of approval for colored denim from Kate Middleton,” says a fashion expert from one of the lucky stores, carrying a knockoff of Kate’s choice (for about $20). “We know this is going to be the hot trend this summer.” More »

Can Kate Middleton’s Position As Duchess Stop Her From Wearing Fur?

Can Kate Middleton's Position As Duchess Stop Her From Wearing Fur?

Kate Middleton’s impeccable fashion taste has gotten her attention yet again, but in a different way than usual. A fur-industry trade group congratulated the PC fashionista for stepping out in a fur-lined coat on Feb. 6 but before PETA throw red paint on her they found out it was a faux-fur coat. Though PETA rushed to Kate’s defense, palace reps were furious that they could even think the Duchess would consider wearing fur. “To state that the Duchess is wearing fur is not only false but offensive… to portray the new Duchess wearing something so blatantly cruel and contrary to her country’s values is insulting,” the palace told PETA.Now, I’m all for Kate not wearing fur if she herself believes that it is inherently wrong to support the killing of animals for fashion, but should it really be up to the palace to tell Kate what to wear? Especially considering the royal family hunts for sport. More »

The Kate And Pippa Middleton Effect Is Now Officially Part Of Our Language

The Kate And Pippa Middleton Effect Is Now Officially Part Of Our Language

Lady Gaga just got pumped by two sisters. But they aren’t any sisters. They are arguably the most famous sisters in the world right now: Kate and Pippa Middleton. The Global Language Monitor (GLM), which tracks print, electronic and social media for top words and phrases, said on Wednesday that ‘The Duchess Effect’ was its top fashion word for 2012. The proclamation comes as New York begins its Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week of runway shows and celebrity parties. And let’s not forget about little Pippa. ’Pippa’s Bum’ came in at No.5, reflecting what the GLM said was the “absurdly large media interest in the Duchess’s sister in general and her bum in particular.” Her mother must be so proud. More »

For Oprah And Barbara Walters, Pippa Middleton Would Be The Ultimate Career Get

For Oprah And Barbara Walters, Pippa Middleton Would Be The Ultimate Career Get

Even living television legends like Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters still have to fight for certain things to help their career and this year they are fighting for Pippa Middleton. For either of these women, she would be an ultimate career get. Networks are said to be in a $300,000 bidding war to get the first sit-down chat in the USA with Kate Middleton’s younger sister, one of the most fascinating people in the world right now arguably. According to The Daily Mail, Oprah and Barbara are ‘pulling out all the stops’ to snare her as a guest in an hour-long special. More »

Will Pippa Middleton’s Paparazzi Threat Kill Her Book Career?

Will Pippa Middleton's Paparazzi Threat Kill Her Book Career?

It was recently reported that Pippa Middleton may be the newest most photographed woman in the world. According to the picture editor of Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper says he sees up to 400 photographs cross his desk every single day. Not too shabby for the sister of the future queen. As result of just being the sister of Kate Middleton, Pippa has landed herself a $622,000 party planning book deal and boosted the entire party planning industry.  According to The Daily Mail, findings show that the month after their daughter married Prince William, requests for new event businesses rose by 55%. Prior to the royal wedding there had been a lull in the industry and interest had dipped by 20% during 2010. But by just being very attractive and the sister of the future queen, Pippa has also found herself being the object of the paparazzi’s affection, to an extreme degree. Now she is said to be so royally hot over the media attention that she’s taking legal action. The U.K.’s Daily Mail reports lawyers for Middleton this week sent a cease-and-desist letter to around six media agencies that distribute paparazzi photographs worldwide. But could this threat to the paparazzi hurt her career if she limits her exposure? More »