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Bullish: Marketing Yourself Without Being An A**hole

Bullish: Marketing Yourself Without Being An A**hole

Why Do Some People Market Themselves Like Douchebags?

I think about this a lot. I don’t make a lot of money writing Bullish. I do know how I could make more money doing this, but I make good money in my other professions, and as I always say — Don’t take business advice from people whose only business is giving business advice. That is what we call a pyramid scheme. (I do plan to publish a book. Other plans are in the works.)

Here are some things other coach-type people have been doing: Stretching every one-sentence piece of advice into a five-minute video; posing on a hardwood floor, wearing a bandage dress; trademarking phrases like “Trust Yourself,” as in, “This webinar will teach you how to Trust Yourself!” More »

My Beer Company Buys The City Out Of Green Dye For St. Patrick’s Day

My Beer Company Buys The City Out Of Green Dye For St. Patrickâs Day

St. Patrick’s Day holds a special place in the hearts of Irish and “I think my great-aunt’s second husband was Irish” pseudo-Irish alike. It’s a traditionally Catholic Feast Day that morphed into a celebration of Irish heritage, leprechauns, four-leaf clovers, and all things green. Green clothes (or else you’ll get pinched even as an adult), green eggs (and ham), and green beer. Lots and lots and lots of green beer. More »

Disney, Apple, And Other Cradle-To-Grave Marketers

Disney, Apple, And Other Cradle-To-Grave Marketers

There’s a certain point in a business’s life when it has to look outside it’s successful core market and attempt to diversify its customers. True business giants find a way to reach almost every key consumer demographic in one way or another.

Sometimes, that leads to retailers marketing to the very youngest future consumers, in hopes that they’ll build brand loyalty. After all, I feel pretty attached to Lisa Frank, the most awesome brand in my early 90′s childhood. If she were making adult goods now, you had better believe that I would be ponying up for neon animal print office supplies. More »

Is Your Current Project A ‘John Carter’?

Is Your Current Project A 'John Carter'?

There’s a business lesson for all of us to learn from the epic failure of Disney’s John Carter. Aside from the fact that an attractive front-man can’t sell everything, let’s not forget that hundreds of people made this film and never thought to say, “This isn’t really good.” Too many people refused to step up and say “No” to a project that had executive support.

Take a look around your office, do you have a JohnCarter on your desk? Are you working on a project that’s destined for failure but you just can’t get rid of? More »

10 Businesses Perfect For Rush Limbaugh’s Advertising Rebound

10 Businesses Perfect For Rush Limbaugh's Advertising Rebound

It’s a rough week for Rush Limbaugh. After his disgusting comments about Sandra Fluke led to waves of public outcry, Rush’s radio program began to lose sponsors and advertisers like it was going out of style. At last count, 42 companies have dropped the conservative talk radio host, trying to distance themselves from his particular brand of misogyny. But never fear! Ashley Madison is happy to team up with the sexist host. And here are some other companies that might help the conservative commentator rebound. More »

The Morning Grind: The Future Of Marketing And Your Health

The Morning Grind: The Future Of Marketing And Your Health

Female boxers forced to wear skirts? (HuffPost Women)

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Are social media results exaggerated? (Double X)

How sex keeps you young. (Third Age)

Will Thinking Everyone Hates You At Work Help You Get Ahead In Your Career?

Will Thinking Everyone Hates You At Work Help You Get Ahead In Your Career?

“If you are in a competitive field, everyone hates you because you’re just more and better than they think you should be: more attractive, more talented, smarter, whatever. They have to act like they like you, but they really hate you. Knowing this makes you successful because you won’t forget that no one at work is your friend. Then you are not surprised when they try to play you.”

This is an excerpt from the book The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide: Get What You Want In Work And Life by Debra Shigley. The woman who says this is a hot shot advertising executive who is explaining her strategy to her friend who had been talking about a co-worker stealing credit for her work. Shigley wrote that though Melanie’s approach is a little radical, it is accurate. But is it healthy to approach your career like this and does it work? We talked to some women who have used this strategy or at least aspects of it. More »