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From PJ’s to Power Suits: Do Mompreneurs Have An On/Off Switch?

From PJâs to Power Suits: Do Mompreneurs Have An On/Off Switch?

Last week at a panel on working while speaking on the panel at Women & Time: What Makes Her Tick discussion hosted by Real Simple and the Families And Work Institute, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother author Amy Chua said she operates in two completely separate modes: total stay-at-home mom mode and glamorous career woman. “One week I’m just in sweats all day with greasy hair and glasses. I don’t even answer the phone. I’m just with my kids,” she said. Then during the other weeks she is completely focused on her career as an author, professor and speaker doing interviews, press conferences, etc., And looking perfectly polished the whole time of course (at the panel, the audience gasped when Chua said she was turning 50 this year.) But is this true for most working moms? Do women have to operate in two modes to have it all? We talked to some women about this. More »