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It’s hard out here for a young professional: wages are getting lower, work hours are getting longer, and you barely even smiled at that GIF your friend just sent you. But don’t reach for the 5-Hour Energy just yet — sometimes all you need is a good jam to help you get by. More »

‘Find What You Love And Let It Kill You’

'Find What You Love And Let It Kill You'

These days, James Rhodes is a successful concert pianist. But for a decade, he didn’t play the piano at all, while he pursued another career that made him something like Don Draper, “albeit a few inches shorter and a few women fewer.” Then he gave it all up to pursue his childhood dream. He sacrificed everything — including his marriage and his income — to do it, but in the end, it worked. More »

Fired On His First Day: ‘I Have No Idea How I’m Going To Tell Everybody’

Fired On His First Day: 'I Have No Idea How I’m Going To Tell Everybody'

It takes a special kind of employee to get fired on his first day at work, but Derek Erdman had what it takes. He started Monday morning as a receptionist at the Seattle-based record label Sub Pop, and by the end of the day he was packing up his things. What makes the story even more interesting is that his weirdly aggressive exit interview was published on Sub Pop’s blog. One choice question from his employer of less than one day: “You failed to mention you were such a dick. Why?” More »