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Midnight Classes May Be The Answer For Working Students…And Insomniacs

Midnight Classes May Be The Answer For Working Students...And Insomniacs

A handful of colleges across the U.S. are offering “midnight classes” that cater to the schedules of students with children, inflexible jobs or night owls. On overburdened campuses, the late-late classes have the chance to use space that’s booked during conventional hours. Though these classes are still considered pretty rare more curriculums are adopting them, especially at community colleges geared toward working students. About two-thirds of community college students work full or part time, and colleges are finding that many of their students work late. “They would rather do anything than turn students away,” says Norma Kent of the American Association of Community Colleges. “If you’ve got faculty that’s willing to teach at an unconventional hour, then it’s a solution for a lot of things.” More »