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Alleged Herman Cain Mistress Plans Tell-All Book: ‘In Your Face, America’

Alleged Herman Cain Mistress Plans Tell-All Book: 'In Your Face, America'

There’s a rumor going around this morning that Donald Trump is about to reveal divorce papers filed (and obviously retracted) by Barack and Michelle Obama sometime over the course of their two-decade marriage. If so, this will mark a real low point in this presidential campaign. But it will won’t be the sleaziest bit of news to emerge over the course of this long election. Top honors still belongs to Republican primary candidate Herman Cain, hounded out of the campaign after a string of revelations about past accusations of sexual harassment, and an affair that was said to last 13 years. Now, Ginger White, the woman who says she was Cain’s long-term mistress, is coming forward — and she sounds pissed. “In your face, America,” she says, using a phrase that would be a pretty awesome book title. “Because you put me through hell.” More »

Police Chief Suspended After His Mistress (And Employee) Tweets Photo With Gun In Mouth

Police Chief Suspended After His Mistress (And Employee) Tweets Photo With Gun In Mouth

Exhibit #7,849 why you shouldn’t have an affair with an underling at work: Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee has been suspended in the midst of a tawdry scandal that began with his affair with an officer working under him. After his mistress found out he was at a conference with yet another woman, she tweeted a photo of herself with her service weapon in her mouth, and things spiraled downward from there. More »

Many Office Romances Start With An Emoticon ;-)

Many Office Romances Start With An Emoticon ;-)

When it comes to finding love in the workplace, pedestrian pleasures often have to sub in for traditional engines of romance: Coffee instead of cocktails. Fast food under fluorescent lights instead of long dinners over candlelight. And, as it turns out, emoticons instead of love letters. According to a new survey, about 45% of women and 59% of men who have gotten romantically involved with a coworker say the affair started with an emoticon in a text message or email. More »

Millionth Study On Working Moms Vs. Stay-At-Home-Moms Finds That The Winner Is …

Millionth Study On Working Moms Vs. Stay-At-Home-Moms Finds That The Winner Is ...

A new study finds that moms who work outside the home full-time are healthier, more energetic, and happier than stay-at-home moms, and even better off than those work part-time. And another new study, with a sample size of one, finds that it really seems like there’s a new study pitting stay-at-home moms against working moms just about every other week these days. Here’s a sampling of related Very Important Findings over the course of the last five years: More »

‘I Blame My Career For Not Having A Boyfriend’

'I Blame My Career For Not Having A Boyfriend'

On the new show Political Animals actress Carla Gugino plays top political reporter Susan Berg (think a younger and more serious Maureen Dowd.) She is a woman that has always put her career first. Before family, before men, before any sort of personal life. On a recent episode she even admitted that her life was divided into three playlists: deadline, treadmill and insomnia. She did recently have a boyfriend on the show (who was her editor) but she didn’t put any time into the relationship (actually he said that) which is probably why he slept with her coworker (not that that is a good excuse.) She tells the son of the Secretary of State after a few glasses of wine as they fly to California to cover a story about how she has always been certain about her career but never about love. They talk about how she has never lowered her standards in her career and maybe in her relationships too. “There is a flip side no one tells you about. You wake up one day and you realize that while you were busy being brazen and making a name for yourself everyone made a life. And then you’re not uncompromising, you’re just sad.” But can you really blame your career for a non-existent dating life? We talked to some women about this. More »

Why Martha Stewart Can’t Get A Date, And What She’s (Maybe) Doing To Fix It

Why Martha Stewart Can't Get A Date, And What She's (Maybe) Doing To Fix It

It’s no great secret that older, rich, not-even-that-attractive men have no trouble finding younger, very attractive women to date and marry them. Think Rupert Murdoch, Harvey Weinstein, and, well, hundreds and hundreds of other wrinkly old rich men. Older, super-successful women, however, have a more difficult time with love, for a set of complicated and infuriating reasons. Increasingly, those women are turning to matchmakers. More »

Only Lazy Shrinks Tell You To Quit Your Job: What 3 Smart Therapists Say About Work Anxiety

Only Lazy Shrinks Tell You To Quit Your Job: What 3 Smart Therapists Say About Work Anxiety

Work anxiety is a very real thing. The goal for many therapists is to help their client function better and healthier as an individual. They want to help you identify thoughts so that you can more effectively cope with your current situation.

But therapists can sometimes say really unhelpful things. For example, I had a therapist frequently tell me I was “torturing myself” and that this probably “didn’t feel good.”

Well, obviously. I wasn’t sitting in his finely upholstered chair staring out a window at the New York City skyline talking about the super awkward conversation I had with a coworker that morning because it “felt good.” My ego didn’t get a boost shelling out a copay on a regular basis so I could talk about my problems. More »

Rich, Successful Jennifer Aniston Finally Finds Life’s Purpose: She’s Engaged!

Rich, Successful Jennifer Aniston Finally Finds Lifeâs Purpose: Sheâs Engaged!

Once in a while, some major news breaks during the dog days of August. A vice presidential candidate is announced, for example. Or, even more earth-shattering, one of the most famous actresses in the world finally gets engaged OMG!!! Yes, it’s true: On Friday night, screenwriter and actor Justin Theroux proposed to Jennifer Aniston, she said yes, and most importantly, both of their PR people confirmed it to the media. Thus ends seven years of horrible singlehood for the successful, gorgeous, rich, hard-working actress who just couldn’t get a break in life because she wasn’t married.
More »

We Make Our Best Friends At Work…By Default

We Make Our Best Friends At Work...By Default

I hope you like the person sitting in the cubicle next to you because they will probably be your best friend. Not because you like them that much, but because you’re too lazy to make friends elsewhere. A poll found that one in three British workers finds their kindred spirits sitting across the desks or gossiping around the water cooler. Almost a third of those polled said they have made the majority of their friends through work. The next most common place to make friends was in college or on vacation but begins people are working so much now, it is very difficult to make friends during an activity that isn’t work. More »

Do All Women In Finance Feel The Need To Date Men In Finance?

Do All Women In Finance Feel The Need To Date Men In Finance?

Earlier this week a blogger called Bankerella wrote a post for Wall Street Oasis that has been causing a lot of rumbling among the Wall Street crowd. In the post she talks about the fact that the only men that are acceptable for a woman in finance to date have to work in finance (traders, consultants, private equity guys, hedge fund guys, private wealth management guys, etc.,) and she doesn’t exactly silver coat how she feels about these men (using a computer mouse was considered a character flaw for consultants.) For example, she says men that work in Private Wealth Management are great at finding the best restaurants but on the con side they may put a girl into “date rape territory” (we’re not sure if that puts him on the same level as the guy using the mouse.) The post got many enraged comments from both men and women, but I believe the main point we should take away from this is that women in finance do work a ton of hours so dating someone who understands that lifestyle may be better for the relationship. Though this blogger is also stating that men who don’t work in finance couldn’t possibly be as smart as them or worthy of their time? We talked to some real women in finance to see if they agree with this dating school of thought. More »

Olympic Scandal: Rower Sent Home Because Her Boyfriend’s A Neo-Nazi

Olympic Scandal: Rower Sent Home Because Her Boyfriendâs A Neo-Nazi

A Olympic rower for Germany has come home early from London after her role in a major scandal. No, not cheating or doping; and not throwing matches like those infamous badminton teams. Instead, Nadja Drygalla is dating a neo-Nazi. Her boyfriend, a competitive rower himself, sounds like an awful person. But should dating a jerk really make you ineligible for the Olympics? More »