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Is Hillary Clinton’s Web Site The Beginning Of Her Run For 2016?

Is Hillary Clintonâs Web Site The Beginning Of Her Run For 2016?

Big news today: Hillary Clinton has rolled out a new web site. Many people say this signifies the beginning of her 2016 run. Plus, her old web site,, offers a link to the new website “to reach the Office of Hillary Clinton,” which is creating further speculation. And this web site was launched a week after she leaves her post as Secretary of State. Coincidence? I think not. In this case, this picture might literally be saying 1,000 words. More »

Paycheck Fairness Act Reintroduced In Senate

Paycheck Fairness Act Reintroduced In Senate

Senators Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) and Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) have reintroduced the Paycheck Fairness Act, a bill that seeks to amend the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938, into the Senate this week. The measure was first introduced in 2009, passing in the House, but failing to garner Republican support in the Senate; in 2011, the bill fell short of the six votes necessary to override a Senate filibuster. More »

The 10 Best Hillary Clinton Faces From Yesterday’s Benghazi Testimony

The 10 Best Hillary Clinton Faces From Yesterday's Benghazi Testimony

Yesterday Secretary of State Hillary Clinton finally delivered her long-awaited congressional testimony concerning the attack on the U.S Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. While serious health problems had forced Clinton to postpone her appearance on Capitol Hill last month, there was no doubt that the Secretary of State was back in fighting form before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. In fact, Clinton appeared — dare we say — feisty; she gave us more face and hand gesticulations than a bunch of first-time actors pretending to be an Italian family in an Olive Garden commercial. More »

Here’s Jon Stewart’s Brutal Takedown Of MSNBC And Fox News’ Inauguration Coverage

Here's Jon Stewart's Brutal Takedown Of MSNBC And Fox News' Inauguration Coverage

The second day of Daily Show host’s Jon Stewart‘s inauguration coverage took a brutal look at how MSNBCFox News and CNN covered Monday’s events.

How did MSNBC cover the event? By remaking about its “massive crowd.” Fox, on the other hand, noted a “much smaller crowd than four years ago.” CNN, meanwhile, was too preoccupied with Michelle Obama‘s dress to notice. More »

Can Everyone Stop Talking About Michelle Obama’s ‘Eye Roll’?

Can Everyone Stop Talking About Michelle Obamaâs âEye Rollâ?

The 57th Inaugural Ceremonies featured Richard Blanco, who is the first Hispanic, the first openly gay man, and the first immigrant to recite an inaugural poem; the first-ever inaugural mention of gay rights; and this doozy of a fashion statementby Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia and yet the Internet can’t stop talking about Michelle Obama’s eye roll. More »

President Obama’s Disappointing Record On Hiring Women

President Obamaâs Disappointing Record On Hiring Women

The first action Barack Obama took as president was to sign the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which extends the legal rights of women who have experienced pay discrimination on the job. It’s something he mentions often, as he has cultivated a reputation as a female-friendly president. To be fair, it wasn’t that hard to do when the other guy was Mitt “Binders Full of Women” Romney. But as the New York Times reports today, his inner circle is currently almost 100% male. More »

‘Rodham’ Follows 20-Something Hillary Torn ‘Between Career And Boyfriend’

âRodhamâ Follows 20-Something Hillary Torn âBetween Career And Boyfriendâ

A screenplay about a 20-something Hillary Clinton titled Rodham is making the rounds in Hollywood, and according to a new poll of film executives, everyone wants to get their hands on it. The screenplay’s angle is that it depicts young HRC “trying to decide between her career and boyfriend.” It includes a scene in which she applies makeup and sings “You’re So Vain.” Oh dear. Is strong, sensible Hillary Clinton turning into a simpering romantic comedy heroine? More »