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Conservatives Rally To ‘Never, Never Surrender’ — But Many Already Have

Conservatives Rally To 'Never, Never Surrender' -- But Many Already Have

Key conservative leaders called on a hundreds-strong Values Voter Summit crowd on Friday to stand firm in the face of cultural and political attacks — to “never surrender,” as one said — but the problem is that Republicans are very frequently all talk. Few rarely walk the walk. If Republicans were actually doing what they say, our government would be in a very different place today. More »

Did Candy Crowley Go Too Far In The Debate?

Did Candy Crowley Go Too Far In The Debate?

The reviews are in for Candy Crowley’s performance as moderator of the second Presidential Debate for Election 2012 and they are mixed. Though prior to the debate journalist Candy, known for her blunt style, said she would inject herself into the debate if necessary, she is now being criticized heavily for doing just that and for appearing biased. Was she just doing her job or did she go too far? More »