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The Best Negotiating Advice: Don’t Be a Rebel

The Best Negotiating Advice: Donât Be a Rebel

It’s called biting the hand that feeds you. The latest example comes from Hollywood, where the cast of the award-winning comedy “Modern Family” has sued the company that produces the show. The grounds for the legal action is reportedly violation of work contracts. The subtext seems to be an attempt by the cast to get more money.

Not that the cast members were making chump change. But in a unified action to secure better pay, they took their cause to the next level. And when you go public, the way the cast has done, you’re perceived as being a rebel. More »

9 Things You Shouldn’t Do When Asking For A Raise

9 Things You Shouldn't Do When Asking For A Raise

Men negotiate for higher salaries, up to nine times more than their female colleagues. And we are constantly told that we are not confident enough, funny enough, showing off enough, or simply ballsy enough to do this well. None of that is true, but there are some things we need to work on and things we definitely shouldn’t do. We came up with a list of definite no-no’s for negotiations. Here are 9 things you shouldn’t do when asking your boss for a raise. More »