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Coping With Harassment As A Female Journalist

Coping With Harassment As A Female Journalist

Unfortunately, being a female journalist isn’t quite the same as it looked on Murphy Brown — interviewees don’t take you seriously, male co-workers undermine and harass you, and there are fewer shoulder pads than you had expected. Female journalists have to contend with sexism from both the men they profile and the men they work with; just last year, Aaron Sorkin sparked controversy when he referred to The Globe and Mail‘s Sarah Nicole Prickett as “Internet Girl.” If you need further proof of the slights and stereotypes female journalists encounter on the job, check out the new blog “Said to Lady Journos,” a anonymous catalog of the sexism and harassment many women deal with in the field. More »

Woman Sues When Co-Workers Label Her ‘Crazy Miss Cokehead’

Woman Sues When Co-Workers Label Her 'Crazy Miss Cokehead'

A 32-year-old woman earning $180,000 a year at a London bank says she was smeared as “chemically dependent minigarch daughter” and “Crazy Miss Cokehead” when she blew the whistle on her employer’s insider trading. Svetlana Lokhova accused her bosses of carrying out a “sustained and vicious campaign of harassment and discrimination.” OK, maybe, but they also sound pretty creative in their horrifically demeaning insults, you have to give them that. More »

Tammy Duckworth Will Tell You What’s Sexist

Tammy Duckworth Will Tell You What's Sexist

When Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) was sworn into Congress last month, she became the first disabled woman in the House of Representatives. A veteran of the war in Iraq, she lost both her legs in combat as a helicopter pilot. After returning to the US, she served in the Department of Veterans Affairs, and then launched her successful campaign for Congress. She was also the subject of a great interview in the New York Times magazine this week that made clear: You do not mess with Tammy Duckworth. Here are our favorite three questions and answers, in which Duckworth explains what’s sexist, what’s sexual harassment, and why whining against women in combat “doesn’t make any sense at all.” More »