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Is Fantasy Football The New Golf In Business?

Is Fantasy Football The New Golf In Business?
Meegan: Hey you know what Ted? These guys are in a fantasy league.

Ted: Fantasy football?

Kevin: Yeah.Yeah.

Ted: Great.

Pete: You like football Ted?

Meegan: Ted’s actually in a real league.

Kevin: 8-man, 12-man? What is it?

Ted: I’m in a park league.

Meegan: He plays.

Jenny: You play! Wow!

Meegan: Muddy field. No pads. Out there every Saturday.

Kevin: Like Favre in those Wrangler ads.

(Pete rolls his eyes.)
The above quote is from the amazing show The League which centers around a group of friends (including one woman) in a fantasy football league. They are obsessed with this league and act like it is the only things in their lives, even though they have careers (well depends on your definition) and some have families. Though the characters on the show are quite outlandish the fact that the majority of the characters are upper middle-class, educated, career-oriented people is quite accurate. About 30 million people participate in fantasy football which means a lot of them probably do league activities at work, are in a league with work friends or at least talk about with people from work. More »

5 Tips For Managing The Office Superstar

5 Tips For Managing The Office Superstar

In a Season 2 episode of the FX series The League one of the main characters, Kevin, a lawyer, enjoying his beer after work with his friends and fellow fantasy football league mates sees a co-worker, Lily, from the office. He immediately points her out to his friends and tells them she is the office superstar and is better at bonding with his boss than he is which is too bad since the firm has a big trial coming up. He says she uses words like “synergy,” something which he obviously doesn’t do. Kevin is on the same level as Lily so all he can really do is complain about her at a bar to his friends over beers but as a manager how do you handle a superstar like Lily? More »

10 Boys’ Clubs We’re Glad We’re Not Allowed Into

10 Boys' Clubs We’re Glad We’re Not Allowed Into

We’ve learned this week that the White House is something of a boys club (though possibly one in the process of reform). For as much progress as women have made in the last few decades, it’s always a bummer to hear about clannish groups of men who won’t play fair. Still, let’s look at the bright side: There are plenty of “boys’ clubs” we have absolutely no interest in joining. Let’s take a look at a few clubs the boys can keep for themselves. More »