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RIP: The Hardest-Working Woman At Playboy

RIP: The Hardest-Working Woman At Playboy

Women who work for Playboy are not exactly known for their long shelf life: Hotties at 21 are notties by 30 in the men’s magazine’s oh-so-enlightened view. That’s what makes Mary O’Connor‘s career so fascinating. She was the one woman Hugh Hefner kept around for decade after decade, until death. Nope, not his wife. His secretary. More »

Gloria Steinem’s Boycott Of ‘The Playboy Club’ Is Unnecessary

Gloria Steinem's Boycott Of 'The Playboy Club' Is Unnecessary

Feminist writer and Ms. magazine founder Gloria Steinem is calling for a preemptive boycott of the upcoming NBC drama The Playboy Club and we think it is unnecessary and a little pointless.

Steinem worked undercover as an official Bunny at the New York City gentleman’s club in 1963 in order to write a major exposé of the scene. “It normalizes a passive dominant idea of gender. So it normalizes prostitution and male dominance,” she told Reuters. More »