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A Guide To Not Taking Things Personally In Your Career

A Guide To Not Taking Things Personally In Your Career

According to a new study from Catalyst, women can do all the right things at work such as being aggressive, negotiating, making their achievements known, etc., and it still doesn’t help them get as far ahead as they should. The study debunks lot of gender myths in careers.

But one myth they didn’t talk about, because it isn’t a myth, is that some women tend to take things too personally and when they do this in a work setting it can be damaging to their careers. Jane Maloney, a New York consultant to human resources executives, says her clients have been increasingly telling her that employees are jumping to conclusions when they get constructive criticism. The employees assume they’re getting downsized, Maloney says, and are then less able to relate well to the feedback. “It gets blown out of proportion,” she says. More »

Judge Says Companies Should Not Ignore Women’s “Work Family Trade-Offs”

Judge Says Companies Should Not Ignore Women's "Work Family Trade-Offs"

Federal Judge Loretta A. Preska of United States District Court in Manhattan dismissed claims yesterday that Bloomberg, the company, engaged in discrimination against pregnant women and new mothers returning from maternity leave. The suit was first filed in 2007. She said, “A female employee is free to choose to dedicate herself to the company at any cost, and, so far as this record suggests, she will rise in this organization accordingly,” she wrote. “The law does not require companies to ignore or stop valuing ultimate dedication, however unhealthy that may be for family life.” More »