Content Team

Jessica Sager – Contributing Editor
Jessica Sager sleeps a lot, but never when she should. She loves baking, butter, absurdly high heels and the New York Jets and hates vegetables, bad tippers, rude drivers and especially wearing pants. When she’s not doing standup, doling out rarely-solicited advice or disappointing her parents, she’s probably playing Street Fighter or waiting for Gerard Butler to lift that pesky restraining order. Someday. // @ohheyjesssager

Lisa Marie Basile, Contributing Editor
Lisa has been contributing to this network since early 2013. She graduated with an MFA in poetry from The New School and totally regrets it. She has written for Billboard, CosmoGirl, London Glossy and Pace Magazine, along with LUNA LUNA, a daily blog she edits. She’s also published a couple of poetry collections (Triste, Andalucia and war/lock) and performs for The Poetry Brothel. When she’s not writing, she likes to make up burlesque acts that involve blood and/or Dubstep. She can be found at at // @lisamariebasile