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7 Ridiculous Pink Products That Have No Good Reason To Exist

7 Ridiculous Pink Products That Have No Good Reason To Exist

We learned just this morning that women purchase more tech products than men. That’s part of why we were so baffled when we read this Jane Dough post about a special new tablet “for women professionals.” It’s literally just a normal tablet computer, but pink. How professional. That got us thinking about other products that have been needlessly pinkified. (And no, not for breast cancer awareness.) For the record, I’m not against the existence of pink. The irritation is not that the color exists, but that companies feel like they have to feminize perfectly fine products by coating them in pink — “for women.” It tacitly assumes that anything other than pink is for dudes. It’s a halfhearted gesture toward inclusiveness that really just shoves women who are interested in traditionally masculine pursuits into a ghetto. A beautiful pink ghetto, but still. So with that in mind, peruse this ever-so-ladylike hall of shame — and just plain weirdness. More »

Tips For Dealing With “Helpful” Career Advice From Relatives

Tips For Dealing With âHelpfulâ Career Advice From Relatives

No matter what your quirky family traditions are, all Thanksgiving celebrations have a few established elements: Turkey, pumpkin pie, and terrible career advice from well-meaning relatives. My all-time personal favorite: “You’re a writer and you live in New York. Why don’t you write for the New Yorker?” The good news is there’s a way to gracefully deflect even the craziest advice from clueless loved ones. Here are our tips. More »

Attention Rational Leaders: Don’t Second Your Emotions

Attention Rational Leaders: Don't Second Your Emotions

Women are emotional and men are rational — at least that’s how the story goes. Anne Kreamer, a former executive vice president for Nickelodeon, points out in a new post at the website of the Harvard Business Review, that in fact science suggests it’s the opposite. But that doesn’t mean that infusing the upper ranks of corporate leadership with women would solve all our problems. More »