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Conservatives Rally To ‘Never, Never Surrender’ — But Many Already Have

Conservatives Rally To 'Never, Never Surrender' -- But Many Already Have

Key conservative leaders called on a hundreds-strong Values Voter Summit crowd on Friday to stand firm in the face of cultural and political attacks — to “never surrender,” as one said — but the problem is that Republicans are very frequently all talk. Few rarely walk the walk. If Republicans were actually doing what they say, our government would be in a very different place today. More »

CEO Pamela Barnes of Global Women’s Health Nonprofit EngenderHealth Talks Career Changes And Taking Risks

CEO Pamela Barnes of Global Women's Health Nonprofit EngenderHealth Talks Career Changes And Taking Risks

Here at TheGrindstone, we’re all about women in business, whether that be in traditional for-profit ventures or in the incredible world of non-profits. Pamela Barnes, the CEO and President of EngenderHealth, has experience in both. As the head of a large global organization focused on improving women’s health around the world, she knows a lot about being a woman in a leadership position, as well as mentorship and innovation. I spoke to Pamela about her inspiring job, including her career experience before taking her position as CEO, what her work life is like now, and the biggest challenges involved in running a company with employees who work, literally, all over the globe.
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