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8 Ways Work On TV Is Different From Work In Real Life

8 Ways Work On TV Is Different From Work In Real Life

Wouldn’t it be great if we were surrounded by beautiful people dressed in designer clothes at work? Or if everyone spoke in clever quips and the banter was always snappy? Or if you could dramatically chew out your boss with little to no repercussions? Well this is the real world, where you actually have to do work at work, menial tasks and low salaries exist, and sometimes — breaking news — work is just plain old boring. Here are 8 reasons going to work on TV is way better than heading to the office in real life. More »

10 Career Women You Should Watch On TV This Summer

10 Career Women You Should Watch On TV This Summer

From CIA agents to professional athlete therapists to lawyers, women in various careers are taking center stage in many of this summer’s slate of dramas. (Some literally, i.e. Sutton Foster in Bunheads.) Whether they are the lady in charge like Jessica Pearson on Suits or the right-hand man that keeps her partner in check (Agent Diana Berrigan on White Collar), these characters are kicking ass and taking names, while giving you a reason to watch shows you thought were just some dudes in suits. Here are 10 career women you should watch this summer. More »

January Jones Back On The ‘Mad Men’ Set A Month After Giving Birth

January Jones Back On The âMad Menâ Set A Month After Giving Birth

This post is from our sister site, Mommyish.

January Jones gave birth to her son Xander Dane Jones a month ago and she’s already back to work. A four-week maternity leave we can all agree isn’t much but the actress has already donned her Betty Draper attire, walking across set in a floral nightgown.

Shortly after January announced her pregnancy, there was talk of how to hide or perhaps showcase the pregnancy on Mad Men. Jon Hamm even spoke up about having some ideas on the ideas when it came to camera angles. Still, the big question loomed whether Betty would be with child when it came to the new season. More »

10 Career Lessons from ‘Sports Night’

10 Career Lessons from 'Sports Night'

Last week, HBO announced that they had picked up a new series from Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. The show will be about the behind the scenes goings-on at a late night news show. Sorkin loves a good workplace drama, whether it’s an internet startup (The Social Network) or the White House (The West Wing). But his first show, Sports Night, also provided plenty of examples of great workplace banter – and important lessons about work. The show is a behind-the-scenes sitcom about a sports talk show hosted by Dan (Josh Charles) and Casey (Peter Krause). More »

Why Are The Ranks Of Female TV Writers Shrinking?

Why Are The Ranks Of Female TV Writers Shrinking?
Critics like to tell us that scripted television is better than ever: TV viewers in 2011 have an embarrassment of riches to choose from, from Mad Men to 30 Rock to Modern Family. We can also watch any of these shows any time we want to, often for free. But what’s not better than ever is the number of women in writers’ rooms. A new study finds that last year, women made up only 15% of prime-time broadcast television writers. That’s down from 35% in 2006-07. Another found that the wage gap between male and female TV writers almost quadrupled between 2000 and 2009. Why are the numbers so grim for women?

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8 Career and Personal Finance Tips from ‘Teen Mom’

8 Career and Personal Finance Tips from 'Teen Mom'

My favorite guilty pleasure TV show is Teen Mom. Although I’m both childless and well beyond my teen years, there’s something totally addictive about the show – possibly, I like how it makes my own life seem more normal and organized in comparison. Now that the show is a big hit and well into its third season, the girls are out of high school and out in the working world. So far, we’ve seen Farrah Abraham fall for an online scam and Maci Bookout‘s boyfriend quit his job without looking for a new one. Basically, there are plenty of lessons to be gleaned from this show if you take whatever the girls do and then try the opposite. More »