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6 Signs You’re Working For An Uncool Company This Holiday Season

6 Signs Youâre Working For An Uncool Company This Holiday Season

Earlier this week, Grub Street posted a genius guide to figuring out how drunk you can acceptably become at your office holiday party. They break it down by two variables: your position within the company, and whether you work for a “cool” or “uncool” company. The boss at a cool company should stick with three drinks, for example, because cool companies are usually not that stable; the boss shouldn’t become a public drunk. But the boss of an uncool company can drink to his heart’s content, because “you are, no doubt, a major power player.” That leaves just one question: How can you tell if you work for a cool company or an uncool one? Luckily they explained that for us, too. More »

Coworker Conundrum: The Sneak

Coworker Conundrum: The Sneak

If you’re somewhere in middle-management, you never see “The Sneak”. This employee doesn’t deal with people in the middle. They constantly bypass and ignore the chain-of-command. Upper-management knows “The Sneak” because they’re always asking for a favor. Entry-level employees know this co-worker because they’re always doing their dirty work. Everyone else sees “The Sneak” peripherally, as they jump behind their back and out of sight. More »