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Sexual Harassers Aren’t “Don Draper Wannabes,” They’re 21st-Century Guys

Sexual Harassers Aren't "Don Draper Wannabes," They're 21st-Century Guys

Are men who sexually harass women throwbacks to the 1960s? Before we say hello to 2012, let’s say good riddance to what’s probably the last sexual harassment accusation of 2011. Shelley Kanther, the former director of marketing communications for CBS Radio in Philadelphia, has accused her employer of fostering an environment in which men commanded her to wear skirts more often, slapped her ass, loudly guessed her bra size, and then fired her when she spoke up for herself. Is this a bit of “Mad Men” nostalgia, or just another day in 2011?
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Sexual Harassment Charges Didn’t Phase Herman Cain, But An Affair Is Another Story

Sexual Harassment Charges Didn't Phase Herman Cain, But An Affair Is Another Story

Is Herman Cain getting set to drop out of the race for the 2012 Republican presidential candidacy today? Yesterday, a woman named Ginger White (seen here) told an Atlanta news channel that she carried on a 13-year affair with Cain that ended earlier this year. In response, the former CEO told his senior staff this morning the he was “reassessing” whether to continue his campaign. No surprise there: Cain’s poll numbers have been dropping and he’s never seemed truly serious about being president anyway. But it will be disappointing if it turns out to be a legal, consensual affair that does him in, rather than multiple credible reports of sexual harassment. More »

This Woman Sued Her Company And Won $3.2 Million

This Woman Sued Her Company And Won $3.2 Million

In 1991, Tameron Keyes was fresh out of grad school and eager to find a job in finance. So when she was offered a job as a lowly cold caller — calling potential investors on behalf of a broker — at Shearson Lehman Brothers, a Los Angeles firm connected to Smith Barney, she eagerly accepted to get her foot in the door. Eleven years later, her employer was ordered to pay her $3.2 million as compensation for egregious sexual harassment and discrimination. Keyes recently wrote a memoir about her experience called “No Backing Down.” And since she never signed a confidentiality agreement, she’s free to tell her story from start to finish — including the beyond-crude slurs she was confronted with almost daily, why she turned down a $100,000 settlement with no guarantee she’d ever see a penny if she went to trial, and what it was like to confront her boss the day she won her case. I spoke with her earlier this week. More »